Barley TONIQ® - Our key ingredient

Definition and Benefits

Barley TONIQ® is like a magic wand for your skin! It was created to significantly reduce skin redness and soothe irritations, even with just a small amount. And the coolest part? It's made from spent grains (residue from beer brewing) from breweries.

Barley TONIQ® is a powerful active ingredient that works to rebalance irritated skin. It soothes redness by up to 23% (in just 2 hours), yielding impressive results. The outcome?  Visibly calmer, more radiant, and healthier-looking skin. Want to learn more about the benefits of our Barley TONIQ® ?

Spent grains are a byproduct of beer brewing, primarily composed of barley and cereals. This beer byproduct is rich in minerals, fibers, and vitamins, all essential elements for scalp health. Additionally, they possess antibacterial properties and nourish the body for healthy skin.

As a growing concern in North America, a microbrewery can produce an average of 70 tons of spent grains per year (equivalent to about 14 elephants!).

Being Part of the Solution

At Malté, we aim to be a solution for brewers looking to dispose of this material. Our partnership with Gaspard Brasserie Artisanale in Boucherville ensures a consistent standard of quality in our products. By purchasing Malté products, you contribute to promoting the circular economy in Quebec! 
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