What's spent grain?

Spent grains


Definition and benefits

Spent grain is a residue from brewing beer. It is mainly composed of barley and cereals. This by-product of beer is loaded with minerals, fibers and vitamins which are all essential elements in scalp health. Also, they contain antibacterial properties and nourishes the skin.

Spent grain is a growing problem in North America. One microbrewery can produce an average of 70 tons of spent grain per year (We're talking about 14 elephants here!).

Being part of the solution

At Malté, we want to be a solution for brewers who are looking to get rid of this material. Our partnership with the company StillGood allows us to have a good quality of spent grain with a constant standard in our products. By purchasing Malté products, you are helping to encourage the circular economy of spent grain in Quebec!

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