The ambition of innovation

Because we dream of a healthier society at Malté, our mission is to create a spent grain-based high quality line of natural body care products. By doing this, we give a second life to the brewery's residues, while maximizing the unique benefits of this component on hair and skin.

Guided by our desire of an eco-friendly company, we are convinced that it’s by innovating that you become the change.

The 4 pillars of the movement

Our vision lies by the desire to maximize our impact on your lifestyle in order to minimize those on our environment. This is reflected in the synergy of different pillars that define our entrepreneurial identity.

Circular Economy

We optimize the use of spent grain and its raw material at each phase of its life cycle in order to reduce its environmental footprints.

Sustainable Development

Our bottles are recyclable, in addition to being made of 100% plastic recovered from the ocean banks. (OceanBound plastic). The caps are made from recycled plastic. The soap boxes are fully biodegradable.

Ethical production

Respecting people as well as our planet is one of our main values, that is why none of our products are tested on animals.

Local Business

We are proud to support local businesses and declare that we are blue from A to Z since all of our products are made entirely in Québec!