Our story

A story about shared passions

As crazy as it sounds, the movement wasn’t born around a beer, even if the ale remains one of the pillars of our history. Pull yourself a log, come over to the campfire and grab your mug, we’ll tell you all about it.

The desire to create a movement bigger than yourself

The story of Malté is about two long-time friends, whose entrepreneurship was definitely in their genetics. However, creating just another line of body care products was nowhere in their philosophy. The concept had to embrace a healthier society, both individually and collectively.

It would be fair to say that the various global challenges of the year 2020 have accelerated this urge to launch the business, to the point of developing (or fermenting) the idea until it comes to life. But for this dream to come true, we had to find the source of the movement first.

Driven for a long time by the desire to launch a line of eco-friendly natural body care products and knowing the benefits that beer can have on hair and body, Philippe shared his idea with Olivier. They immediately knew they had something, but the real question was : how do you get beer into the body care industry without the smell compromising the quality of the product?


By talking to those around them, they learned about the existence of spent grain, and that’s exactly when it clicked : why not use the brewing process residue? In addition to being passionate about the product’s benefits, the co-founders fulfilled another priority for them : building an eco-friendly business with a circular economy concept. And just like that, Malté was officially born.