The movement

Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed


Malté is more than just another natural body care product company. We actively contribute in reusing the residual substance from the brewing industry in three ways :

  • high quality and natural products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle (such as your hygiene)

  • a Quebec that is both bluer economically and greener ecologically 

  • this desire for ethical innovation that guides our movement through each step of the journey

All without the smell of beer, we promise!

We embody the culture of innovation

At Malté, we don't hesitate to think outside the box, we don't draw within the lines and there is no limit to our innovation. We prefer to offer natural products that have as much character as we do. These profound convictions are the key to our motivation and are the essence of our movement. In short, we do nothing like others, because that is part of being the change. 

Be part of the movement

Let’s be honest here, building a real social movement does not happen alone. We know you are as unique as our products, and you can also be part of the movement ... in your own way! 

Whether it's by testing our brand, by thinking of us for your next gift exchange or simply talking about our business around you (let’s be real, beer base body care products are special enough!), they are all good ways to enter the movement. You will be part of shaping the world of tomorrow by the democratization of all these concepts around circular economy, eco-friendliness and ethical innovation.