Do our products smell like beer!?

To consume without moderation


The benefits of beer... 

We were also skeptical at first : creating personal hygiene products based on… beer?!

If they are not intended for food consumption, our shampoos, conditioners and soaps remain very nourishing, in particular because of the presence of spent grains in the formula. Made from natural ingredients, they are rich in proteins and vitamins. These components help nourish the skin and repair damaged hair, giving it volume as well as the touch of shine.

...without the disadvantages!

You are surely wondering about the smell of the products we offer and it is completely legitimate. Don't worry: they don't smell like beer. Instead, we opted for playful fragrances that will make anyone want to jump in the shower. So no one will be able to notice the smell of beer, even being very close to you, but everyone will see the difference.

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