Beer Smell?

Consume it without any moderation

Beer benefits... 

Us too, at the beginning, we were also skeptical: create beer-based natural body care products?!

Our beer shampoos,  conditioners, and soaps are very nourishing since the spent grain is the soul of the formula. The combination of spent grain and natural high-quality ingredients gives to your skin and scalp all they need to be the healthiest possible. Spent grain is rich in proteins and vitamins, which really contributes to nourishing the skin and repairing damaged hair, and our selection of natural ingredients gives volume and the shin that you’re looking for to make your hair glow.

… without the disadvantages

If you are questioning yourself about the beer smell in our beer-based products, it’s totally normal. But don't be afraid: there isn't any beer smell in our products. Instead, we decided to create a playful scent which will generate the dazzling desire to jump in the shower as soon as possible! And just like that, no one will be able to smell the beer out of our products no matter how nearby people are.